Let it Go…

Good morning and happy hump day! It’s all ready been a pretty crazy and stressful morning to say the least. As soon as I start feeling a little bit stressed, I take a step back and remind myself that everything will be ok; I just have to go with the flow and I can only do so much. Here are two quotes that helped me let go this morning.





After getting to work and unloading some of the stress to my colleague, I felt a little better. I also asked to take my lunch at the end of the day so I can rush out to take care of the things that need to be taken care of ASAP. I am a teacher, but I don’t have a classroom anymore if that makes sense to anyone. (side note: I am a data instructional coach which is now high in demand by districts because everything is data data data. I just finished my supervisor certification and I knew this position would help me move up in the field of education. I do miss seeing my students every day though, they got me through some of the toughest times last year.)

As I said yesterday, yesterday was my first “workout” since the half marathon. It wasn’t really a workout workout directed by my coach because he told me to just do distance this week. I figured I had a race this Saturday and wanted to see how my hamstring would hold up so I decided to through some race pace sprints in there. I did 8×1 minute hard with a 1 minute run between. The hard pace ranged from 6:00 – 5:52 and the 1 minute run in between was a 7:53 pace. My hamstring held up and I wanted to do more but I knew I shouldn’t push it. I just wanted to make sure I could feel fast without passing out before Saturday. A lot of great speedy local runners do this race!

Just remember… Unknown

How do you turn your day around if you’re feeling down?


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