Finally! My inflexibility….

Good morning and Happy Thursday!! 🙂


Yesterday I talked about how I was a bit stressed. I had a ton of stuff going on and my mind was rushing all over the place. Like I said I just knew I had to let go and well that’s what I did. I went home did what I had to do. Went on my nice hour (and two minute) run, ate a grapefruit (I know random and I forgot how delicious they are with truvia sprinkled on top), leashed up my dog, and took him on the afternoon adventures. He was very good running around and hanging out in the car while I ran my errands and did my desk shift at the yoga studio. The night ended relaxing with the pup, boy, and some good laughs!

Apparently my inflexibility isn’t a bad thing. I have been doing yoga for about three years! Yes, three years and I am still so inflexible it pains me to watch people touch their toes (I can do all the strength stuff and inversions but anything that has to do with flexibility…! I have been at this yoga studio for two years and working the desk for 1.5 years; I take all different classes and try to go at least two times a week (this week…fail). Even the instructors come over and help me out because it is that bad! One of my favorite classes (which I actually haven’t been to in a while and that will change Monday night), he would come over and literally hold me in position.

So anyway, back to this inflexibility stuff. I was on my Facebook yesterday and on my news feed I saw an article from Competitor Magazine that was posted saying… Study: Better Runners Are…Inflexible? After reading this article I felt a little better about my can’t touch my toes situation! I go to yoga to get a good stretch and sometimes I go to yoga for an awesome workout (it depends on the class I take); I know yoga is beneficial and I know I am “stretching” and it’s ok for me to not be flexible. As long as I am doing the right things for my body, I don’t have to feel bad that I am so not flexible!

Today is a regular/easy run day and I am excited because it’s supposed to be fifty degrees (I know for some of you that is freezing, but for us Jersey people it’s shorts and t-shirt/long sleeve t-shirt running).

Enjoy your day!


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