Compression Sleeves…

Good evening everyone and HAPPY FRIDAY! Today was absolutely insane and I didn’t even have time on my lunch break to blog (sorry to all my readers — family 😉 )!

i love minions :)

i love minions 🙂

Yesterday after work I came home, changed and went out for a quick 50 minute run + 6 striders. The weather was perfect for running and it was just one of those enjoyable runs! After my run, I took my pup for a quick walk and then I had to get his stuff together to send him on his way for the week (I know custody of a dog…weird!).

On the upside of last night, I got to visit one of my best friends and her beautiful son. It was so nice to catch up and see his handsome face! He is only 17 months old and he’s going to be a big brother in February! I can’t wait to meet her little lady! so.exciting!

Tonight will be a relaxing night! The bf is coming over right from work and I am cooking him dinner (or so I tricked him into thinking so.). Neither one of us can make decisions about what to eat and so I told him I would make grilled chicken, portobello mushroom, roasted red peppers, and fresh mozz on a wrap (I ordered it from a local pizza place). I hope he likes it!

Tomorrow we are both running a local Manasquan Turkey Trot. A bunch of his friends do it every year as a big group. Last year it was cancelled due to the hurricane. A lot of local speedy runners will be there so I am looking forward to racing!

My last thoughts…

Recently I came across this article titled Why I Will Not Sell Calf Compression Sleeves; the Risk of DVT in Runners. I found it to be very interesting and informative. I’ve never ran in sleeves, I use the compression socks.

What are your thoughts about compression sleeves?

Love them/Hate them?

If you’ve never tried them, would you try them now after reading this article?


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