10 Lessons Running Teaches You About Life

Good morning everyone! Only two more days until Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday EVER (I don’t celebrate celebrate Christmas) because it is BIG in our family. My parents have been hosting it since forever and this year will be the LAST year in basically my childhood home; I lived there from 3 to 23. so.sad. Of course my parents will still host it in there new and closer home to myself and my sister’s family (they live around the block from me). Anyway, more Thanksgiving talk later in the week!

Thanksgiving 2012

Thanksgiving 2012 – Buffet Style

As far as my running right now I have no plan. I am pretty sure the 5 miler on Saturday ended racing season until March. I want to focus on a strong half for the 2014 year. I ran times I knew I was capable of but was so excited to execute this season. I am looking forward to running even faster in 2014 and for right now it’s just going to be easy low key runs and days off when I feel like it (well, I’ll see what coach has planned for me).

I recently read this article 10 Lessons Running Teaches You About Life. They are all so dead on. I tried picking my absolute favorite but the reality is they are all so true. One that really stood out is number 6. Many people think I am crazy, insane, or just don’t have a life because I fit my run in either at 4:30 am or at the end of a work day. Truth is, I make time to run. It’s something I love and enjoy doing so I make it a priority.

6.  You do have time– you just have to make it.

If something is important to you, you’ll make time for it.  If not, you’ll make excuses.

I found number 10 to just be inspirational.

10. There is peace even in the most chaotic times.

No matter now grueling, stressful, sorrowful, or painful your situation is, there is always a silver lining and something positive to be found.  Seek it out, learn from it, and keep moving on.

What lessons has running taught you?

Running has been my therapy. Through all my years it has been my time to go out there and leave it out there. 

Can you relate to any of the 10 lessons?


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