November Foodie PenPals

I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving/Chanukah/Thankgivukkah! Mine was great, but I’ll get to that in another post (as I’m sure you’re all so eager to read about it! 😉 )!

I didn’t get a chance to write about my Foodie PenPal yesterday as I had to go to the doctor in the morning with my bf; he was experiencing really bad headaches and I went with him to make sure all was okay. After that, I had to take my dog to the vet because he has been walking around with his tail between his legs after I took him on a 45 minute run Friday morning. He wouldn’t sit down and he was just being very…how do I say this…blah. So yesterday was just a crazy day.

Anyway, I want to thank Jill from LivingLoveRun for all my A-M-A-Z-I-N-G goodies. I am the worst blogger when it comes to taking pictures and I literally couldn’t contain my excitement and dug right into all my stuff! She knew I loved chocolate just by the name of my blog and totally succeeded in getting me the best chocolate treats!

1. The best Kind bars ever! They were chocolatey and delicious!

2. Raw Revolution Bar – I have never ever had one before but OMG it was so good. I said to myself I would just take a bite (it was a chocolate coconut) and put the rest away for later. Nope, didn’t happen I ate the entire bar!

3. Sugar Cookie Tea – It has been such a nice treat at night. It gets the snacky edge off when I just want to eat everything in sight!

4. Dark Chocolate Acai Blueberries – I see them all the time but never tried them. I think the bag last me two days. I just couldn’t stop myself.  NO.SELF.CONTROL!

5. FUZZY COZY SOCKS – It’s like Jill knows me without knowing me! I wear them all the time. I actually look forward to the holidays because my parents get them for my sisters and me every year!

I was so thankful for all my wonderful goodies! I thank Jill for being patient with me as work had gotten super busy and the day I went to send out the package my parents had made the decision to put down one of my four childhood dogs. He has been so sick and that entire week his quality of life had finally became dull. He was just not there and it was a mess. So thank you Jill for being an awesome PenPal!!

fpp November Foodie Penpals Reveal Day

This was so much fun! I met an awesome blogger (love reading her blog) and can’t wait to continue!

Happy December everyone!


How was your Thanksgiving?


3 thoughts on “November Foodie PenPals

  1. Oh my word you are TOO sweet! I’m so glad you enjoyed everything I sent. And no worries about the time or lack of pictures! ha, you’re too funny! I just had one of the Clif bars you sent me before Boot Camp tonight and I had so much energy! Loved it. Thank you again so much Meagan 🙂

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