What Gets You Out of Bed in the Morning?

Good morning and happy hump day ya’ll! I’m sure you hear and see that it is hump day all over the radio and social media! I am pretty excited that we are half way to the weekend. I don’t have much planned but I have my older sister’s birthday and that will be fun enough!

Anyway, yesterday I did a nice easy hour of running. It was beautiful! I actually wore shorts and a light long sleeved t-shirt in December! AWESOME! After my run I took my pup over to the dog park to play for a bit before I had to work yoga (I work the desk as a Karma yogi so I can take yoga there at no cost…amazing!). I decided yesterday to stay and take the class. My hips are super tight and sore right now; I think part of it may be running in the new sneakers that don’t have much cushion.

stop taking pictures of me!

stop taking pictures of me!

As we know morning can be tough, especially when the cold weather arrives. I am definitely a morning person, but lately my body just doesn’t want me to get up. I know I shouldn’t fight what my body is telling me, but I love my morning routine. My body would naturally get up around 4:30, but lately I wake up at 5:00 and just want to turn over. Instead I put on my sweats, head downstairs, turn on my coffee machine, take out the dog (if I have him and this week I do), make my breakfast, turn on the TV, and catch up on blogs all while eating and listening to the noise of the TV. Around 6:15 I hop in the shower and get ready for work. Sometimes I do run in the morning if I have someone to meet up with; I live around woods and don’t really like heading out at 4:30 alone. I’ll do it once in a while.

The reason I get out of bed so early because I remind myself how much better I feel when I have “me” time before heading to work. I also love morning snuggles with my pup before leaving him for the day. I enjoy my morning routine of being able to relax, eat, watch TV, and catch up on anything else I want to. I actually look forward to my morning breakfast of eating a VitaTop with lots of peanut butter and some whipped cream with a hot cup a black coffee.

seriously, stop with the pictures! (notice his tongue sticking out?!)

seriously, stop with the pictures! (notice his tongue sticking out?!)


might not look good, but it is delicious!

might not look good, but it is delicious!

I am really working on trying to get myself up and out of bed to get back to running and at the gym in the mornings.  I stopped running in the morning because my hours at work changed and I can also workout at 2:00pm due to this. It is actually perfect because I can run in the middle of the day be finished no later than 3:30 and still have an entire afternoon ahead of me. It also kept me off the treadmill which I would do a lot last year due to the fact my running buddy could only meet up with me once a week in the morning.

I get this post is a bit all over, but what I am trying to say is my “me” time whether it is my morning routine of relaxing before work or running (and yes I still make sure to fit in my breakfast and coffee before jumping in the shower) it helps get me out of bed in the morning!

If you’re having trouble getting out of bed in the morning and want to become more of a morning person, check out this website. It has some great ideas on how to motivate yourself in the morning!

What get your out of bed in the morning?

Do you have any particular things you MUST do before heading to work in the morning?






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