If we wait…



This is one of my absolute favorite quotes. In my opinion this is so true. Here’s a little something about me and this quote. Last year in November my ex and I decided to break up. We had been dating almost fourteen months, we had a dog together, and we basically lived together (until September when we decided to have him move back into his place (he still had it for rent) to see if we could work things out). I decided to go to therapy and I’m not ashamed to admit it. I actually think it was the absolute best decision of my life! I started basically right after our breakup and channeled a lot of my time into positive thinking, yoga, running, family, positive quotes, and figuring out what I needed. I explored things I don’t think I ever would have explored if we were together (part of break up).

I went to a Passion and Vision workshop in January with my younger sister. It was probably one of the best workshops and things I could have done for where I was at. The leader of the workshop, Erin Peluso, is a yoga instructor at the yoga studio I work the desk for. I saw a posting for this workshop on the yoga Facebook page and decided to give it a try. I made a vision board of what I envision for myself; we also took a passion and vision test. It led me to where I am today and I’m not joking (I will be doing it again for 2014).

2013 vision

2013 vision

I put on there I wanted to make $80,000 and even though I’m not making $80,000 this year, I actually went back to school and got my education supervisor certification this past summer (I all ready have a masters degree in sport psychology not education even though I’ve been an educator for 8 years). In order to obtain my supervisor certification I only needed four classes, 12 credits since I all ready had a masters and have been teaching for more than three years. So even though I won’t have made that this year, I am on my way to making that and achieving my goal. I also had a lot more of my visions come true. I ran my 1:27 in the half marathon (and to be honest I didn’t put that on there to run that time, I put it on there because it was a half marathon time, and it was a January date – 1:27:2013 (a day of a race)); my friend actually pointed it out to me when I ran my first half of the season in 1:27:53…mission accomplished. I have found myself with so many more happy moments probably more than I ever could have dreamed. My summer “love” (we met in June) has actually turned out to be an amazing guy who just makes life that much better. I’ve learned to have more patience and so much more.

I walked out to a rose on my windshield this morning. It made me realize that crappy days pass and there are far more better days!

I walked out to a rose on my windshield this morning. It made me realize that crappy days pass and there are far more better days!

I remember finding this quote while I was in the midst of deciding to go back for my supervisor certification or not and well I came across this quote at the exact time I needed it! Also at that time, my therapist discharged me (this was back in early May); she told me of all her years of therapy and working I am her hardest working client and earliest to be discharged (I am a runner; runners are overachievers). Her take on therapy is learning how to change our thoughts into positive thoughts; she doesn’t live in the past. She even loved my quotes I would come in with and wrote a bunch down and took down the website I used to find them.

Even though I still share custody my dog (that’s a whole other story) and have my down days (we all have them and I had a major down day yesterday), I remember to look at my vision board and motivation wall daily (I have a wall with quotes, goals, times, and all that good stuff – I have since added to the below picture but again I’m terrible at this). It has helped me a tremendous amount.

my motivation (much has been added since)!

my motivation (much has been added since)!

In other words what I am trying to say, if there is something you want…GO FOR IT. We will truly be waiting the rest of our lives if we don’t. We all have a fear, we all will fail, but we have to take chances. By taking chances it will help lead us to more positive places and situations! Hey, I took a chance and started this blog 😉 !

Any quotes that you have that help you get by?

What do you do for motivation?

Ever do a Passion and Vision Board?

If not, I highly suggest you do!


4 thoughts on “If we wait…

  1. You have just reminded me I want to create a vision board for 2014! I’ve never done one before but I’ve been reading about other peoples experiences with them and it seems like a positive way to focus my energy.

    • It’s such an awesome experience! If you can find a class and go to that it makes it that much more fun! Or with a group of girl friends! Some wine, cheese, chocolate, and creating! It was an amazing experience! Let me know if you do it and how it goes (or I can’t wait to read about it)! You can always come to Jersey and join me!

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