You’d think I’d remember…

to take a picture of my A-M-A-Z-I-N-G dinner last night! It was so yummy! A long time ago I remember seeing a recipe on for mozzarella stuffed chicken. I also recall wanting to try this recipe for a long time. Yesterday during my lunch break, I looked up different recipes but many of them had TOO MANY INGREDIENTS for me. I like to bake and/or cook with anything less than 6 ingredients.

Anyway, I was talking to my colleague about it and told her I think I am just going to get chicken break, fresh mozz, and spinach then stuff the chicken with it. We then came up with the idea of adding mushrooms and minced garlic and sautéing the spinach, garlic, and mushrooms together first. So I decided that’s what I would do.

After my meeting yesterday and before yoga, I went to the grocery store and picked up…

*7 chicken tender cutlets

*fresh mozzarella

*minced garlic

*big bag of cooking spinach

*baby bella mushrooms


*Panko crumbs

*sweet potato

*Olive Oil Pam cooking spray

I am known for also not really measuring my ingredients and just going for what looks good (I also tend to make my own spin on a lot of recipes to make it easier for me). So I cannot give full measurements on anything I made.

First I sprayed the skilled with the olive oil spray, then I dumped in handfuls of spinach, mushrooms, and minced garlic (I just put it until I thought there was just a right amount of garlic). I let that sauté while I washed the chicken and asparagus. While it continued to sauté, I cut the ends of the asparagus, sprayed them with olive oil and them dumped them in a gallon zip lock bag that I filled with more minced garlic and the Panko crumbs (oh yea, my oven was preheating at 400 before I started everything). I shook the bag quite a bit until they were covered with some Panko crumbs and then dumped them on a cookie sheet (also sprayed with the Olive Oil pam – yes I love this stuff) and placed it in my oven (oooops I forgot to time how long it was in there but it was pretty much in there the entire time I made the chicken).

Before “stuffing” the chicken, I cleaned the sweet potato, poked it and placed that in the microwave to cook (I probably should have just baked it since my oven was on 400 degrees, but that’s just my thinking sometimes). Once I did that the “stuffing” was ready to go. I took the cleaned chicken and used Mrs. Dash unsalted and McCormick chicken grinder and put that on three pieces and on the other four I just put some Panko on them (I didn’t need to use anything to keep the Panko on since the chicken breast were a little wet). I then placed the chicken breasts down and put a thin slice of fresh mozz on each of them; I took the mixture/”stuffing” and placed that on top of the mozz. Next I folded the breast over and used a three toothpicks to hold it in place (my bf made a good suggestion for next time; he said I could have used string to make it easier for flipping…I’m not that savvy). I then placed the rolled chicken breasts in a skillet that had the Olive Oil Pam spray on the bottom and let them cook; I just kept checking the chicken to make sure it was cooking and then flipped it when it was ready. I let it cook until some of the mozzarella was getting crispy and really oozing out (I love a little burnt cheese). When the chicken was done, I checked the asparagus and that was ready to come out as well!

Once it was done…dinner was served and it was delicious. There was extra “stuffing” so my bf took that to work as a side dish along with the left over chicken. I could probably eat this every single night (and it’s pretty healthy! I didn’t use a ton of cheese I cut thin long strips and used Olive Oil spray instead of olive oil)! We were both extremely full after!


As far as my run yesterday, I ran for an easy hour. I use a heart rate monitor on my easy runs to make sure my heart rate isn’t going above the zone (recovery/easy days are important), but I think my battery is going or I didn’t soak the strap long enough. It had me with a heart rate of 102 and only burning 350 calories in one hour. I know it was an easy slow day but I don’t think I was going any slower than 8:20 pace. I guess I’ll see what happens on this run!


Sorry for another pictureless post! I’ll work on that, I swear!

What is the best meal you’ve made lately?

What’s your favorite recipe?

Anyone having work holiday parties tomorrow?

We are having ugly sweater day and cookie exchange with all the literacy and data coaches in my district. Since my office is over at the high school, the other data coach and I get to participate in TWO cookie exchanges! Maybe I’ll remember to take pictures?!?!?!


A little winter fun…

Good morning! I cannot believe it is Thursday all ready! Tuesday we had some heavy snowfall in NJ and my school district was one of the only districts not to close down (go figure!)! However, to be quite honest, it probably wasn’t worth a snow day; on the upside since I am no longer in the classroom the building principal came and told me and the other data coach to go home! We didn’t hesitate one moment, we took off!

It ended up being a great “snow” day (we did get snow but nothing crazy). I went home, had some delicious Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride Tea from my awesome Foodie PenPal Jill, took a quick nap, and then the bf picked me up (he ended up getting sent home early from work – none of his workers could be out in the field, therefore, it was pointless for him to be in the office) for some shopping adventures. We ended up going to Bed Bath and Beyond, Target, and Walmart; in our trips we were looking for ways for him to organize his sneakers/shoes and his spices in his kitchen. We also went looking for ugly sweaters since we have a party this weekend. After our trips, we went to the grocery store so he could pick up ingredients to make me dinner (turkey burgers, salad, sweet potatoes), back to his house to get some things, he dropped me off at yoga (I had to work the desk), he went back to get some more stuff done, and then he picked me up and took me back home. He then cooked dinner and we enjoyed it on my couch watching TV ( I don’t eat at my kitchen table which is weird because growing up we ate at our table every night at the same time).

I also took the day off from running! It had been a week and my body was telling me it needed a day of rest. So I rested!


Yesterdays run consisted of a two mile warm-up at 8:20 pace, 2X15 minutes (between 6:44 and decreasing to 6:35) with a three minute jog in between, 1.2 mile cool down at 8:20 pace (I wanted to go for 2 miles but my stomach wasn’t cooperating and I needed the bathroom ASAP; I also had to stop after my warm-up and after the workout). It wasn’t fun for my tummy yesterday (I think it was the hot sauce I poured all over the turkey burger and my salad).

I also took one hour of gentle yoga and I wasn’t so sure my stomach would make it through the class, but I had to work the 4:00 – 4:30 desk and 6:00 to 6:30 shift and I didn’t want to leave to come back. I made it through…woooo!


Here’s a little WINTER FUN I am going to try. I love love love running but I also want to get stronger and try to improve my flexibility (even though I’ve been doing yoga for three years and as my running gets faster my flexibility gets worse…strange)! Once winter break starts for me, I am going to find different type of gyms in my area that have one week free trials and go to their classes. Not an actual gym gym (you know the ones with treadmills, weight machines, bikes, and all that jazz), but bootcoomps, crossfit, circuit, hot yoga (even though I work at a studio I would like to try a new place). I am going to find four gyms that have a free week pass and do a different one each week for four weeks. Now that I’ve said it, I have to do it right?!?!? 😉

oh and my breakfast because i'm obsessed and look at all those chips!

oh and my breakfast because i’m obsessed and look at all those chips!

Do any good run workouts lately?

What’s your favorite type of strength exercise?

Ever do the free week trials?

Bad Habits

Good morning!

Yesterday went by so quickly! I was busy from the minute I woke up until the minute I went to bed! It started by waking up to go to work (no delay opening for me – only school in my area with no delay!) and having my “me” time before the day gets ahead of me! I had a workshop today on all of our state testing data which was very heartbreaking. These kids work so hard and there scores don’t show for it (the district is 97% poverty and 86% spanish speaking).

After work, I rushed home to get in a run before heading to tutor a student up north. I got in 55 minutes. The student I tutor is an honor student that comes from a great area, yet he is struggling with the implementation of the new Common Core Standards (this state explains it well); most students, teachers, and administrators are struggling.

Once I finished torturing the poor kid, I drove back down by me and picked up ingredients to make my bf and me dinner. We decided once a week we will take turns cooking for each other. I made a stir fry with chicken, sugar snap peas, snow pea pods, portobello baby mushrooms, and cashews. I used a Hot Chile Pineapple Chipolte sauce from Target. It was delicious. Of course, he mentions going to get froyo from our favorite place even though I was stuffed, but I can never turn down a trip for froyo.

When we got back, I literally got ready for bed and passed out! I don’t think I stopped all day! It was a good day!


I came across this article yesterday, 10 Bad Habits (And How to Break Them). I am extremely guilty of numbers 2, 6, and 7.

2. Refueling badly. After hard runs, grab a high-carb snack, then a meal with carbs and protein to rebuild muscle.

I am VERY bad at refueling after hard runs. I usually chug some water, shower, and then make dinner hours later. Sometimes I try to quickly remind myself to even eat a handful of cereal or something just to get it in my system.

6. Being your own doctor. Runners tend to be hyperaware of their bodies, self-medicating with ice or ibuprofen to treat aches and pains. But minor injuries could turn into serious ones. Instead, see a doctor sooner rather than later. If the pain has lingered for three days, schedule an appointment., webMD, and all that good stuff!

7. Skipping stretching. It’s okay to nix stretching before a run – in fact, static stretching when your muscles are cold is a no-no – but loosening your muscles post-run can help prevent injury.

I so bad at stretching. I know it’s something I should do. I KNOW IT IS. In college, I was captain sophomore – senior year, and I would lead stretching; however, my stretching wasn’t real stretching. It’s such a bad habit. This is why I’ve made it important to get to yoga at least 2 times a week. I am working on this!

What are you guilty of?

Anyone get any snow?