Bad Habits

Good morning!

Yesterday went by so quickly! I was busy from the minute I woke up until the minute I went to bed! It started by waking up to go to work (no delay opening for me – only school in my area with no delay!) and having my “me” time before the day gets ahead of me! I had a workshop today on all of our state testing data which was very heartbreaking. These kids work so hard and there scores don’t show for it (the district is 97% poverty and 86% spanish speaking).

After work, I rushed home to get in a run before heading to tutor a student up north. I got in 55 minutes. The student I tutor is an honor student that comes from a great area, yet he is struggling with the implementation of the new Common Core Standards (this state explains it well); most students, teachers, and administrators are struggling.

Once I finished torturing the poor kid, I drove back down by me and picked up ingredients to make my bf and me dinner. We decided once a week we will take turns cooking for each other. I made a stir fry with chicken, sugar snap peas, snow pea pods, portobello baby mushrooms, and cashews. I used a Hot Chile Pineapple Chipolte sauce from Target. It was delicious. Of course, he mentions going to get froyo from our favorite place even though I was stuffed, but I can never turn down a trip for froyo.

When we got back, I literally got ready for bed and passed out! I don’t think I stopped all day! It was a good day!


I came across this article yesterday, 10 Bad Habits (And How to Break Them). I am extremely guilty of numbers 2, 6, and 7.

2. Refueling badly. After hard runs, grab a high-carb snack, then a meal with carbs and protein to rebuild muscle.

I am VERY bad at refueling after hard runs. I usually chug some water, shower, and then make dinner hours later. Sometimes I try to quickly remind myself to even eat a handful of cereal or something just to get it in my system.

6. Being your own doctor. Runners tend to be hyperaware of their bodies, self-medicating with ice or ibuprofen to treat aches and pains. But minor injuries could turn into serious ones. Instead, see a doctor sooner rather than later. If the pain has lingered for three days, schedule an appointment., webMD, and all that good stuff!

7. Skipping stretching. It’s okay to nix stretching before a run – in fact, static stretching when your muscles are cold is a no-no – but loosening your muscles post-run can help prevent injury.

I so bad at stretching. I know it’s something I should do. I KNOW IT IS. In college, I was captain sophomore – senior year, and I would lead stretching; however, my stretching wasn’t real stretching. It’s such a bad habit. This is why I’ve made it important to get to yoga at least 2 times a week. I am working on this!

What are you guilty of?

Anyone get any snow?


Rest, Beach, Amazing

Good morning and happy Tuesday!

Yesterday was absolutely beautiful over here in Jersey. It was 71 degrees and just a.m.a.z.i.n.g! It was a run rest day for me, so I decided as soon as I got out of work to head home pick up my dog and take him down to the beach. I don’t think I could have asked for a better way to spend my rest day (well if the boy was there that would have made it even better 😉 )! Some pictures of the beach…

Dog Fun!

Manasquan Beach


Trying to capture the boats!


Enjoying the waves!


Brutus posing!


I wanted to get Brutus and the waves!


Hi Tim! (Rubbing it in his face that we spent the rest of the afternoon at the beach!)

After the beach, I brought Brutus home (he was exhausted and took a nap in the backseat) and went food shopping for the week! I had to get produce since I literally had nothing in my fridge but almond milk, a spaghetti squash, eggs, hot sauce, and cheese (no joke, that’s all I had).

A little later in the evening Tim came over and we went to get froyo! I am bad at taking pictures (maybe something I should start doing more). He took a picture of his, but I don’t have that!

On  a side note… how amazing is Michael Wadian? Two marathons in ONE DAY and both under THREE HOURS!!! Say what?????? I actually did the completely running obsessed stalker thing and tracked both his races! I know, crazy, but I was totally rooting for him and couldn’t wait for all the social media updates!

Today is kind of a “workout”. My hamstring was pretty roughed up after my race (I am chalking it up to the minimalist running shoes I only wore twice to break in prior to the race). Last week I just did easy runs. This week my coach suggested the same, but I am racing Saturday (I know, crazy again). So today will be a 15 minute warm-up, 8x1minute hard, 1 minute medium, 15 minutes cool-down. I just want to get some speed in there before the race!

How was your day yesterday? Get to do anything fun?

Do you stalk any of your favorite runners at races?